GF Protection (Prefect License File. no. 13748/12b15E/Area OSP I Ter) is a leader in Italy in the unarmed security, facility management and private investigation sectors. The company’s presence is widespread, with 500 professionals found throughout the country.

GF Protection’s strength lies in the extremely high level of expertise we offer clients. We unite specific skills with dedication, seriousness and unwavering respect for the strict regulations in force relating to public safety.

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GF Protection offers its services to clients within various sectors in industry, transport, large retailers, supermarkets and administrations, in addition to high-profile individuals. We are qualified to operate in any context and design any type of procedural format, customised to each client’s needs.


  • Security and greeting services (concierge, front office, access control, doorman)
  • Security and assistance services in high end locations
  • Verification services for the distribution of advertising materials
  • Private investigations
  • In-company investigations
  • Investigative shoplifting prevention activities
  • Security and prevention services to protect personal privacy
  • Armoured car services
  • On-site, telephone and computer privacy remediation
  • Technical appraisals and specialised consultation