If you want to make your business international, you really need to understand the country where you plan to set it up: the market, how business is handled there, and other vital information which can help you to make the right choice.

Making a company international is not just about grabbing investment opportunities abroad: you also need to know what the economic returns will be in the short/medium/long term. Good financial analyses and forecasts are advisable for anybody intending to launch their company in international markets.

At G Action Group, we can offer our clients a Business intelligence service with qualified staff and specific knowledge in the fields of economics, finance and strategic development.

G Action Group’s Business Intelligence service can be applied to various sectors: we evaluate the geopolitical and managerial aspect of each situation, and we also guarantee a precise analysis of safety in the chosen territory.


Large-Scale Retail
Shopping Centres
Construction Sites
Pharmaceutical Companies
Ports and Airports
Railway Industry
Events and Conventions